New look, same taste: Frutabela in a new packaging

In the almost 30 years of Frutabela’s existence, we have created a whole range of new flavours of this delicious fruit and cereal bar. This year, as part of the packaging redesign, we also introduced new colour distinctions to make it easier for you to find your favourite flavour on the shelves. We present to […]

Filming the TV commercial

On a nice summer morning, not so long ago, one could have witnessed quite an unusual scene on the road to Krvavec. The winding road to the mountain was full of equipment, cameras, lights, crew, and cyclists. But not just any cyclists. They were no other than the best Slovenian cyclists – and indeed, the […]

Crunchy Muesli

An idea was born in Fructal that the Frutabela bars can be deconstructed into their individual parts. Frutabela Lab followed this idea.

Črn trn Bike Park by Frutabela

There is a slope on the outskirts of Ajdovščina, the place where the excellent flavours of Frutabela bars were created, where members of the Črn trn cycling club build and restore cycling tracks, trails and thus provide various cycling opportunities and increase the visibility of Ajdoviščina among cycling enthusiasts. The idea of cooperation, with which […]

Fruit cereal bar for runners

Based on opinions, ideas and information provided by runners and the expertise of Fructal’s technologists, a new bar was created, developed in collaboration with runners.

Fruit cereal bar for cyclists

The development of a new Frutabela bar was the main idea at the start of the collaboration with the Slovenian Cycling Federation. With synergy and joint efforts, a new product with a cycling soul was created that is perfect for all recreational and professional cyclists. The start of the collaboration was quickly given the main […]

Velodrome record

The fantastic cycling facility, which was built for the needs of the junior world championship in Češča vas near Novo mesto in 1996 still has plenty to offer.

Frutabela MINI

In 2019, Frutabela developed and launched two new products, namely Strawberry flavour and Forest Fruit flavour Frutabela MINI in 100 g packaging.